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At Cubecrate, we aim to make your day a brighter one by giving you the gift of some of your favourite little things….Because hey, who doesn’t love surprises? No more waiting for birthdays or Christmas to come round, as long as we’re concerned. Every month, we carefully source for the trinkets that tickle your fancy – all handpicked with love. Let us get to know you better and wait for the magic to happen. Not your cup of tea? Fret not, for we offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We fully understand that tastes differ from time to time and if our surprise didn’t quite carve a smile upon your face, just let us know and we’ll send you another one at no extra charges. From various little knick-knacks & décor items, to handy everyday things, midnight snacks and cute accessories, find a joy in every little box at the comfort of your home. Subscription begins on the first week of every month and we’ll have your little gift shipped over to you before you can say, “Christmas came early!” 🙂

Look forward to that boxful of sunshine every month and we trust that in time, we’ll be that friend everybody would love to have.


Our mission is to become the next big business-to-business platform complementing small businesses with big potential. Apart from our aim to provide a surprise element to our CubeCraters, we also aim to assist independent brands to break into larger pools of consumer market.


We are an advertising platform offering lucrative opportunities and a great deal of exposure to independent business owners. At CubeCrate, your products & services can further expand forth via our wide platform of other small business and curious community of Cubecraters waiting to be surprised with something new and innovative.

Feel free to use our existing consumer base for precise demographic targeting and to attain loyal fan base in the long run.


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